Local Students Lennon Painting Wins At First Third At Art Shows

John Lennon Q Tell me about painting and why you chose this?. Riverside Brookfield High School junior Maggie Heraty painted a picture of John Lennon and took first place in the School of Art Winter. The competitions were judged by Triton teachers and local professional artists. His painting has been included in the Triton High School Art Competition and placed in the top three.

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Miranda Kerr Sexy In Sydney

Back in his homeland after a trip to the States, Miranda Kerr was looking for sexy as always in a photo call David Jones in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday morning (February 4). Clad in a white tank top with black pants tight, Victoria Secret caressed her beauty Hunky male co-model as she playfully posed for the cameras..

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What Does Manny Ramirez Have That Kobe Bryant Doesn Quot T

How many times you hear that? Good for the Dodgers. I m sitting here next to one of the largest sports stadiums, Kobe Bryant, as we learned Monday night by way of comparison, an underpaid superstar set a Madison Square Garden record for most points scored, and Scott Boras calls.

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Reds Sign C Cota To Minor League Deal

Catcher Humberto Cota accepted a minor league contract Monday with the Cincinnati Red, who lost another catcher to retire. Ryan Jorgensen has announced his retirement after only a 20-bats in the majors during his career with Florida, Cincinnati and Minnesota..

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2009 Bleacher Report Nfl Mock Draft You Make The Call Cincinnati Bengals

A great recovery from the fan.. Malcolm Jenkins has won more than 40 percent of the final mark for the Cleveland Browns, and now leads a potentially dominant cornerback to Browns defensive backfield. The Cincinnati Bengals are now on the clock. By the fifth general recovery in 2009 Bleacher Report NFL Mock Draft, the Cleveland Browns have selected ... Malcolm Jenkins, Cornerback, Ohio State.

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